Everything is Already OK

“I’ve learned to trust what I call “the Braille method” of living – relinquishing grand plans and schemes in favor of an intuitive approach, feeling my way from tree to tree; letting go of my attempts to control the world, and learning, instead, to trust a discerning surrender….

I’m learning to live inside the view that everything is really already okay. I may not understand it. But I know that it’s so. And this allows me to relax my grip on life. With age, I’m even learning to relax my grip on trying. This is because I see more and more irrevocably that what I am hunting is also hunting me.” (Source Unknown)   

January 2019

I love a new year… the fresh start, clean slate feel. I am resolved to savor New Mexico and strengthen my confidence in independent southwest living in this year of 2019.

I am finding that living small is quite satisfying and creates a nice balance for the Cancer sign in me that likes to nest and for the sense of adventure I am always seeking. My horse, Pearl, and the ever-present Border Terrier, Kiwi, seem to be thriving as well. I am sad the cat, Lily, never survived the casita chapter for I think she would have been a contented queen of the tiny house community.

Yesterday’s 65 degree weather and delightful desert trail ride is replaced today by high gusts of blowing sand with a bone chilling effect. New Mexico has proven to have just as dramatic weather changes as Colorado….only it seems more stark here. It is the rawness of this country that holds such an attraction for me.