Kairos is an Ancient Greek word meaning right or opportune moment. Different than chronological or sequential time, kairos signifies “time in between; a transforming instant; an intersection with eternity.”

I am pleased to share my art, writings and adventures and dedicate them to the concept of “kairos” . They are offered with gratitude to those who have expressed the beauty of lives well-lived.

My art is about honoring the sacred. I work intuitively, focusing on the experience of ‘kairos’ – the time when an awareness deepens, resonant energy is felt, and a shift of form becomes possible. This is my story as well.

After 16 years of hospice work, I arrived at the Oregon coast deeply exhausted. I found that the power of the ocean in its enormity, wildness, and inherent rhythm invited my healing. With wonder gradually rekindled I have found expression in remembered childhood passions – art, nature and horses.

Hospice taught me deep respect for cycles of life and the ebb and flow of vitality. I witnessed profound expressions of human authenticity, the power of transformation and the spirit of multidimensional time. It is this reality that informs my art.

I love working with collage. I let the images, colors and textures create relationships and I watch for kairos openings. Transformation occurs spontaneously when layers emerge. It is about trusting and waiting for expanding dimensions of each present moment. 

This attention to reverence guides my photography as well. I seek subjects and conditions that capture integrity, a mood of soul, or a surprise. I am remembering that the joy of creativity is experienced through energy of both surrender and action. 

My grandchildren are my greatest source of renewal and creativity – whether in the form of Spirit Flowers – a home-based floral studio or the year-long nomad existence in a casita and now a desert life in New Mexico.

Can’t wait to see what comes next!

Such is grace and gratitude! 


Kathy Ramsey