Dandelions and Flight

photo by millie williams

In my dreams I can fly. I can launch into flight and gently land. I can hover and play on the updrafts. These are my best dreams and they seem to occur when I am feeling down.

I sometimes think I was a bird in a previous life. I feed birds and always notice their presence. I believe they are messengers from God. Hawks appear on my rides and my horse and I always pause to hear the message. Hummingbirds hover a foot from my face and tell me to pay attention.

And then there are dandelions … nature’s gift to children. The opportunity to have power in blowing the seeds. Liberation of fragility…. eventually grounded from flight in the weight of a seed. A new beginning.

These are all related. Nature is one big web of intersection.

I am blessed to fly. Someone once told me I would be better off shackled to the ground. In an instant I saw how we are limited by boundaries…. that fear can be cruel.

Once you see it there is no going back.

Ocotillo blooms…. tiny helicopters on the launchpad of a branch appearing to be dead.