Taking Stock

Newly vaccinated, I am emerging from my hibernation cave. It has been a rocky journey. My PTSD kicked me in the shins with amnesia and then a severe reaction to Moderna laid me out flat.

I am now deemed healthy since the MRI showed no issues and the multitude of horrible possibilities have been ruled out. I can now even pass my dementia tests!

The whole experience has left me rattled and fully aware that living alone and aging can be fraught with disaster. While I like my doctor she was late in response and the diagnostic effort was not handled efficiently. Once I was able I had to advocate hard to get tests completed and results communicated.

So now I am on a mission to locate the continuum of services that might become necessary as I age and most importantly how to access them. What I have learned so far in this fairly sleepy New Mexico town is that the hospital emergency room should be one’s 1st stop.

Now that folks are venturing out I am resuming my efforts to “find my tribe.” I have been meeting new people and even went to my first in-person meeting last week. I am fundamentally introverted but nonetheless found social conversation to be very satisfying!

As usual my garden and horse are the rocks of my experience and now that I am feeling better it is all going much better. I have committed to counseling again and another round of EMDR for the PTSD. While this is intense work it is effective for me even as it can be exhausting.

All in all I am hopeful about the months to come and even have a plan to meet my new grandbaby – now a year old!