Finding Our Way in Challenging Times

My daughter just sent me this picture of “The First Tooth.” This is my granddaughter whose birth I devastatingly missed because of Covid travel restrictions. A virus disrupted my life as it has many lives across the world.

I have been surviving…..perplexed by a deeply divided country unable to find unity even in the face of increasing viral disease and death. I live alone and feel extremely isolated at times as I heed warnings and comply with advice from public health experts. I mask; I wash my hands a lot; and I don’t gather.

It is snippets like this….. a picture of a first tooth…that enhance my mental health and strengthen my will to keep on doing my part. I also have a horse whose role in my sanity has been long established. I ride often and the beauty and serenity of nature helps. Horses are extremely therapeutic!

What I really find to be a spiritual gift in this picture is the sparkle in her eye. It is the kairos of my belief system. “In the blink of an eye”…. Eyes as “windows to the soul.” This babe is our future, untarnished by the travails of life, and a symbol of spiritual hope.

Let’s all stay safe and know there is a new tomorrow. It is in her eyes.