For a Friend who is 83

She really does not see what all the fuss is about with birthdays. This happens when one is at home in the fullness of moments. Assurance of the long pause between questions and answers erases limits on time.

She knows tides and moon beams and the sensuality of simplicity. Certainty and Uncertainty are welcome in her space for she climbs mountains.

Courage looks you straight in the eye and is not interested in distractions. She has learned that to be truly open-hearted you can’t be hurt unless you allow it. By nature she is gentle though the sound of this silence has known fierceness and keening.

The journey to solitude is liberating. It brings a transparency that draws children. They join in the magic of whimsy and curiosity.

She can talk to herself or to the window. She has secrets in between words but she says them right out. Sometimes her hands go out to what she sees, and sometimes what she sees enters through her hands.

Simply by being herself she taps our longing to accompany her. So we celebrate birthdays.