Open the Floodgates of Heaven – Let it Rain

Thinking of water today. Trying to steady myself on this Election Day when there is so much angst in the air. My horoscope is Cancer…the crab. The ocean is the direction I took when I was in need of essential sustenance.

Holy Spirit – Let it Rain on Us

To cleanse

To initiate

When I lived on the coast I collected names for various kinds of rain….sprinkle, mist, torrent, squall, shower, downpour, drip, sheets, driving, drizzle, monsoon, deluge, pelting, spitting, soaking.

Now I live in the desert. Water becomes precious.

There is a reason I have been called an edge walker… to reach for the space just beyond, the transitional or “where it all becomes one.”

Water takes the path of least resistance. This will be my approach this day.