“Play has the unique ability to suspend the brain in a youthful, flexible state.”*

Play was a path to redemption for me when I was attempting a phoenix-like rise from the ashes. From total emotional and physical burnout and a new PTSD diagnosis, the healing direction given to me was to begin doing some things that brought me joy. I was so far gone I could not remember joy nor imagine a path to it’s experience.

What I did was to reconstruct what brought me joy as a child. This amounted to art, flowers and horses. I began to explore these activities and did the “fake it ‘til you make it” approach. Slowly they took hold and I had glimpses of hope or more importantly at the time a break from despair.

To this day, the 3 play sources are the foundations of my functioning and a never ending source of power for resilience.

I remember back in my higher education days doing a certification in play therapy and sensing play was extraordinary in its power to express and heal…often non-verbally and always symbolically and creatively.

I expect play might offer a path for these difficult days of fear for many of us. It doesn’t have to cost anything except giving ourself permission, suspending negative judgement and time. I personally believe play is soul food…an unending source of sustenance. It is a shared blessing in grandparenting. You might have to reach into your past as I did. Another route for discovering your sources might be watching what makes you laugh or what makes time stand still.

Children will lead the way!

*This is a quote I collected from somewhere. I would quote a reference if I could.