Well I tried to ignore this and out wait it…. 2 weeks of alternating throbbing and aching pain. This has been a bad year for necessary and unplanned dental work.

The clinic where I go has an emergency consultation time where it is 1st come 1st serve. Dawn is now breaking; the sun has cleared the mountain; and I am in line outside. The temperature is 52 degrees – a dramatic change after months of desert heat and we are freezing. My timing is impeccable (Not.)

I have had years of terrible experiences with dentists and it is always anxiety-provoking to go. I inherited softer teeth that invariably cause problems…. cavities, root canals, and crowns. I think today’s work is related to a large chunk of filling that lost the battle to a piece of steak. Like everything else that breaks down with aging apparently so do fillings. This is the 3rd visit in 3 months and my budget is not happy.

I like my new dentist which is saying a lot. He meets my criteria for a good dental provider. He is fast, fairly gentle, funny, and doesn’t ask me questions when my mouth is full of stuff. We have worked out a system where I signal him that it hurts too much and I am about to punch him and he stops. Today he will be my savior.

I hope I will be able to have the missed morning cup of coffee in a couple hours. It will undoubtedly spill down my chin as my mouth will be numb for what feels like days.

The line is moving…. rescue dentistry ahead.

I just couldn’t wait any longer.

Update – The dreaded words… root canal and crown. Not yet scheduled….. ARRGHHHH!!!