Flexibility watches for opportunities. He learned this skill from his dear friend Experience.The two of them work together in the practice of medicine. As healers they are admired by many because they long ago recognized and responded to Art who offered a dance presentation at a workshop they attended.

Flexibility is extraordinary in his ability to listen to his patients and to hear the nuances and unspoken questions. He responds not only to the center of their concerns but also to the edges.

This edge work is the focus of much of his practice.

Flexibility loves nothing more than an adventure! Figuring out a direction or seeing another path brings him great joy. He supports this curiosity in others.

Flexibility and Creativity are cousins you know. Their family believes firmly in growth. It is a quality they celebrate.

If you have ever met Flexibility you know that when he called to travel the change will bring him happiness in unexpected ways. His leaving will bring sadness to those who say goodbye.

His legacy is the listening.