Resilience is best friends with Faith. They were introduced at a community potluck hosted by Despair and Joy. The four have become inseparable – particularly in times of upheaval. They volunteer as a crisis response team. Those they have served recently recognized them for their excellence. It was a confusing award for the four because they are natural healers and hadn’t thought much about the work that they experience as art.

Resilience likes to tend gardens in her spare time. She has a deep reverence for Mother Earth and the Hope of a planted seed. Her neighbors always know when she is outside because the sound of her laughter is exquisitely crystalline and carries easily on the breeze.

Resilience has been accused of being a bit naïve.

But actually, she is intimate with the Life Force and understands the gift of pain.

She is not afraid to die because long ago she recognized the Wind as a wonderful storyteller who will always be her companion.