Silence – What They Have Taught Pt 10

I have learned that silence is an art that very, very few practice.

The dying often master it and will deeply appreciate those who will meet them there.

Sometimes silence is a form of listening. Other times it is more about honoring the moments and memories. It can be about holding safe space or hope when a struggle is occurring. I like it best when it is purely stillness in sacred space. When this happens there often is a very soothing vibration that can be felt.

Silence is one of the most important things you can do to support someone who is feeling hopeless. When I am restless with helplessness in the presence of such despair I try to remember the power of silence. My presence in stillness creates a companionship in the darkness and I also am not alone. It is not about fixing it. Vulnerability can be embraced for shadows add dimension and fullness to an experience.