KAIROS – What They Have Taught – Pt 7

I am continuing to write about What They Have Taught. This was a collection of thoughts I captured in about 5 – 7 days when I finished a 16 year hospice career in a spectacular crash of despair. I am taking a chapter at a time, 12 years later, and seeing what I wrote. I am fairly healthy now though coping with PTSD…I guess a badge of honor from hospice! I am surprised so far in this review to learn how much of what I learned is now a part of how I live. Today is about Kairos.


Kairos means right timing. It is the sacredness of readiness moving into being. It is the essence of change, the core of hospice witnessing. It is what makes death and birth verbs – birthing as deathing and deathing as birthing.

It is the magic of paradox where opposites are one and the same – tears as laughter and pain as joy…spontaneous and unlimited by perception

Kairos is an instant that is eternity. It is all there really is. It is why the whole is bigger than the sum of the parts and how the spirit expands as form dissolves. It is cracking open. It doesn’t measure in a way we can count or comprehend. If we learn how to be still we may develop the ability to feel the rhythm of kairos and acquire trust in essential surrender. It is what is supposed to be…all is already right. Control is just an illusion. Playfulness and creativity have its spark.

It is what makes one death gentle and another tortured. It is why survivors struggle and warriors die hard.