Learning with Grasshoppers

Meet George.

He is a 2” grasshopper who lives in the salvia plants by my fence on the north side of my garden.

We have become friends.

George is not excitable like most grasshoppers who will launch themselves forcefully and quickly to escape perceived danger.

He is a gentleman and quite thoughtful.

I arrive at his plants and wait. After much consideration George will take a short, dignified hop to merely get out of my way – not in a hurry and no frenzy. He then watches carefully, perhaps supervising, as I complete my watering or pruning tasks. Then as I finish George will return to his home under the raised water dish just as carefully.

We are developing a relationship of respect.

He never ventures further than 2 feet. This is well within my range should I feel inclined to go after him. I am careful not to start watering his plants until he is safely out of the way. Our actions are non-hurried and intentional.

So goes one of my treasured daily rituals!

I know it is important to practice full moment living by noticing what is happening around me. There are miracles in kairos living if one learns to savor each opportunity.